Archive for October, 2007

SEASR Co-PI Loretta Auvil is attending IEEE Visualization 2007 in Sacramento, California (October 28-November 1). A longtime VIS participant, she currently serves as the conference’s Finance Chair.

Topics of interest for this year are:

Distributed and Collaborative Visualization
Flow Visualization
Information Visualization
Isosurfaces and Surface extraction
Large Data Visualization
Multi-Resolution Techniques
Multimodal Visualization
Novel Mathematics for Visualization
Parallel Visualization and Graphics Clusters
Point-Based Visualization
Security and Network Intrusion Visualization
Software Visualization
Terrain Visualization
Time Critical Visualization
Time-Varying Data
Uncertainty Visualization
Unstructured Grids
Usability and Human Factors in Visualization
Vector/Tensor Visualization

October 7-9, SEASR co-PI Loretta Auvil attended the Third International Conference on e-Social Science (held at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor). The conference provides “a forum for researchers to meet and exchange experiences and ideas on how the Grid (aka cyberinfrastructure technologies) might benefit social science research.”