Loretta Auvil and Amit Kumar participated in MONK’s latest Hackfest (February 7-10, 2008, Chicago).

In preparation for the meeting, Peter Groves produced an icon to suggest how well a particular file or feature contributes to supervised classification, a feature MONK anticipates adding to the feature display in the Search by Example toolset. At the meeting, Amit Kumar (who is tasked with developing the MONK workbench) and other MONKies connected new proxy calls through the workbench, which will include SEASR calls. Loretta Auvil started toward an unsupervised classification of the TEI-A verion of witchcraft files through SEASR, to advance research for Dr. Kirsten Uszkalo’s use case.

At meeting’s end, the MONK team requested that SEASR develop a clustering tool written in Google Web Toolkit, to be tested on the Nineteenth-Century Fiction and Witchcraft databases.

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