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The SEASR Team has created the next release of infrastructure and components. This release focused on the execution engine, development environments, components, documentation, and examples. The release includes:

* Meandre Infrastructure – execution environment and administrative interface
* Meandre Development Eclipse plug-in – tool for installing components
* Meandre Workbench – visual icon-based programming environment
* Meandre Zig-Zag – development scripting language
* Community Hub : Keyword Cloud – end-user gateway to published applications (flows)
* Component and flow repositories

Our goal with this release was to reach developers who want to create new component and begin application development with the SEASR environment. We encourage you to download and provide us feedback.

To download SEASR/Meandre, Components and Examples, click here. Documentation is available, and inside behind the scenes is also available on our development wiki.

The following presentations were given at the Pathways to SEASR Workshop.

SEASR Overview

SEASR and Zotero


SEASR Architecture

SEASR Community Hub

SEASR Workbench

SEASR Installation

SEASR and Fedora

Bernie Acs and Loretta Auvil of the SEASR Team participated in Bamboo Workshop 3 held Jan 12-14 in Tucson, Arizona.  Attendees participated in discussions.

The SEASR Workshop will be held tomorrow and we will be streaming a video of the sessions. Here is the link for this live stream.

Once I have presentations posted, I will add links.