Meandre 1.4.5 was released today, May 19, 2009. This is (hopefully) the last and most stable release in the 1.4 series before we move onto big changes for the 1.5 series. Version 1.4.5 has a few new features and numerous bug fixes and usability improvements.

As usual, the Download page now points to this stable release:

The raw artifacts are available at the SEASR repository:

Visible changes since 1.4.4:

* Workbench now supports flows written in ZigZag
* Workbench can output flows to the .mau format
* Bug fixes in the job submission API for flows that finish quickly
* Flow RDF representations can be converted to ZigZag
* Infrastructure web API and HTML interface added “Publish All” ability
* Bug fixes for multiple users running the same flow
* Stack trace is now printed for the failing Component when a Flow execution aborts unexpectedly

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