A new version (0.3.5) of the SEASR Analytics for Zotero Firefox plugin has been released. The new version adds support for Zotero 1.0.* – 2.0b5 and Firefox 2.0 – 3.5.*. A new set of flows (applications) are available, including: Flesch-Kincaid Readability Test, Tag Cloud Viewer, Date Entities to Simile Timeline, HITS Summarizer, and Author Centrality Analysis.

Our user community wanted a different naming strategy, so that one could tell what items were analyzed. If a single item is selected, then the results item maintains the same name as the item. If multiple items are selected, then the results item uses the collection name followed by the number of items selected. In both cases, the name of the service that is executed is provided in the “Creator” attribute. The selected items are also added to the “Related Items” section – a problem with populating these items was also fixed.

We made several changes to improve configuration file specification. One change includes the ability to specify a configuration file in XML format (json support still exists) with additional error messages to indicate problems with parsing your custom configuration file. This configuration file may exist on your local machine and you can use a file browser to find the local file.

The new release can be downloaded at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/10020.

A complete list of changes for what is new in version 0.3.5 can be found at http://repository.seasr.org/Zotero/Releases/experimental/0.3/changelog-0.3.5.xhtml.

2 Responses to “SEASR Analytics for Zotero Updated”

  1. flit Says:

    Thanks for the new release – I love the new naming algorithm… makes it ever so much easier to find what I need.


  2. K Wagner Says:

    When will the new version be released that is compatible with Firefox 8.0?

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