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SEASR Team members, Loretta Auvil and Bernie Ács attended and participated in the 4th IEEE International Conference on e-Science in Indianapolis, IN. Bernie presented our paper called “Meandre: Semantic-Driven Data-Intensive Flows in the Clouds” by Xavier Llorà, Bernie Ács, Loretta Auvil, Boris Capitanu, Michael Welge, and David Goldberg.

Abstract: Data-intensive flow computing allows efficient processing of large volumes of data otherwise unapproachable. This paper introduces a new semantic-driven data-intensive flow infrastructure which: (1) provides a robust and transparent scalable solution from a laptop to large-scale clusters, (2) creates an unified solution for batch and interactive tasks in high-performance computing environments, and (3) encourages reusing and sharing components. Banking on virtualization and cloud computing techniques, the Meandre infrastructure is able to create and dispose Meandre clusters on demand, being transparent to the final user. This paper also presents a prototype of such clustered infrastructure and some results obtained using it. The slide presentation is included below. The paper can be downloaded here. The video of the eScience 2008 presentations is now available on the conference web site To see this presentation, click here.

Co-principal investigator Loretta Auvil travelled to the UK e-Science All Hands Meeting in Nottingham, England this September 10-13 to present by invitation the SEASR project, as well as the other humanities-based projects with which the Automated Learning Group and its GSLIS allies are collaborating (D2K; Nora; MONK, with its FeatureLens application; and M2K, part of IMIRSEL).

In the workshop “Text and Grid: Research Questions for the Humanities, Sciences and Industry,” chaired by Stuart Dunn and Tobias Blanke, Loretta’s co-presenters were Dolores Iorizzo of the Tufts University Department of Classics’ Perseus Project and Sander Wubben of Open Boek.