Meandre is a semantic enabled web-driven, dataflow execution environment. It provides the machinery for assembling and executing data flows -software applications consisting of software components that process data (such as by accessing a data store, transforming the data from that store and analyzing or visualizing the transformed results).

Within Meandre, each flow is represented as a graph that shows executable components (i.e., basic computational units, or building blocks) as icons linked through their input and output connections. Based on the inputs and properties of a executable component, a unique output is generated upon execution.

Meandre also provides publishing capabilities for flows and components, enabling users to assemble a repository of components for reuse and sharing. This allows users to leverage other research and development efforts by querying and integrating component descriptions that have been published previously at other shareable repository locations.

Please feel free to post comments to our pages and posts. We will be glad to answer your questions 🙂 Oh, one more thing, Meandre is not misspelled, it is the catalan word for Meandre.