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For the last week I have been working on 1.3 Xuixo (another wonderful pastry originated in my hometown, a naming convention I sometime use). The web service api is still the same, so you intrepid souls should still be able to use it without noticing the change (unless I added some funny bug–not unlikely).

The main changes are under the hood.  I refactored most of the code to remove the static dependencies.  Now you can start many self-contained MeandreServers in your embedded usage of Meandre.  This will simplify writing test cases against the web services api.  I have not moved the old (1.2) web services test, because it needs revamping.

I have also been working on adding new tools:

# Mau files are now self-contained. A mau file is a jar containing the repository rdf and all the contexts required to run (jars). This is usually generated via the ZigZag compiler or interpreter.
# Improved the ZigZag compiler to generate the new mau file format.
# Modified the ZigZag run time to be able to run the new mau files.
# Yes, you heard it right. I added a ZigZag interpreter.  It comes with a console and you can build flows incrementally, merge flows together, save flows and maus, run a flow, etc, among other things. Just type “help” and it will talk to you.

I finally gave up and learned ant.  Great news, I guess, for the rest of the people on the team:).  This version (1.3) includes my take on the old (1.2) build.xml.  It provides the following tasks:

* compile
* compile-tests
* clean
* run-tests
* test-reports
* javadoc
* dist

No, it does not provide a run task, or like capability. You should not run the Meandre server there. The dist task generates the usual libraries (and a few more I have added) and 4 standalone jars:

* meandre-server-X.Y.jar (Meandre server)
* zz-X.Y.jar (The ZigZag interpreter conole)
* zzc-X.Y.jar (The ZigZag compiler)
* zzre-X.Y.jar (The ZigZag runtime for MAU files)

You can run each of them by typing java -jar name.jar. So, for instance if you want to run the core, copy meandre-server-X.Y.jar to wherever you want to have the working directory and run java -jar meandre-server-X.Y.jar. That’s it: self contained and auto configured. You can stop it then and play with the config files if you want to tweak things–or instance use MySQL/Oracle instead of the embedded Derby.

As I said before, this is for intrepid souls.  Please let me know if you run into problems, bugs, etc. Also, jira now contains a Meandre-Terracota-Executor project; feel free to report the bugs there directly and I will do my best to catch up.