It is no doubt that Kratom has gained a lot of popularity among people due to its health benefits. Kratom has been assisting a large number of people for years and has been serving as a traditional herb. But a million-dollar question for many is, can Kratom be used to relieve pain in pets as well?

To find an answer to this and any other queries, let’s read this article until we meet again at the end

History Of Kratom

A tree that is common in Southeast Asia and a part of the Coffee family is what we call Kratom. Although it is also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, the famous name remains Kratom. We hear more about it later but this doesn’t mean that it was absent in the old times. Surprisingly, in the ancient times where there was more manual work, the workers had no machinery to assist them in performing tasks.

That was where they used to chew on Kratom leaves to avail themselves of instant energy and to combat fatigue for long hours straight. However, its benefits are not just limited to this but they are at least a list long. Also, more of its benefits are being explored since so far, only limited research has been conducted on Kratom. Its worth mentioning benefits are;

  • Euphoric effect
  • Pain relief
  • Increased libido
  • Treating cough
  • Decreased depression and anxiety
  • Stimulating effects
  • Sedation (due to high dosage)

Is Kratom An Analgesic Substance For Pets?

Well, you can’t rely on it all the way because there is no scientific proof of Kratom being a good choice for pets. However, there are many people claiming it to be helpful for their pets. In some research, Kratom’s effects were observed on cats, dogs, lizards, and also rabbits.

When these animals were given Kratom in the appropriate dose then there were no side effects observed. Also, it is said that you should avoid using Kratom if your pet is already on any medication or else there will be a reaction. Kratom turned out to be helpful for relieving pain in pets when the instructions were followed. Asking an experienced vet about the dosage of Kratom for your pet is highly recommended. Moreover, you must also do your online research.

What Makes Kratom Effective For Pets?

It is basically Kratom leaves that provide Amazing Kratom with healing properties. Although it has a number of alkaloids, among these alkaloids, two are the most active ones. Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine are these worth mentioning alkaloids. These two, when consumed along with other alkaloids and compounds work like a miracle.

How Has Kratom Helped Pets So Far?

Given the lack of research, there are mostly dog owners who speak in favor of Kratom for being a great source of help for their dogs’ health issues. To make its consumption easy, Kratom is now available in a vast array and also, there is an option to purchase it online. Just like the case with any other medicine and herb, its quality and originality must be confirmed before consumption otherwise, there will be more side effects than benefits.

Anxiety Control

Anxiety issues are not only limited to humans but also affect animals. In dogs, you must have noticed that when you leave them alone at home then they bark a lot and seem restless. This is where Kratom relaxes them.

Pain Relief

There are many ailments that cause pain to animals. Often, you see that your pet seems to be in so much pain that it stops acting normal and even stops eating everything. But, Kratom has helped in relieving pain in animals as well.

Beneficial For Arthritis

Arthritis pain is not a joke as your joints and bones hurt you so bad that you have to limit your activity. The same is the case with dogs, to raise their standard of life again, treating them with Kratom worked well for many.

Seizure Control

Without scientific proof, there is no guarantee if Kratom can be beneficial for the pet. However, it has worked to treat seizures in dogs, even if caused by epilepsy. Also, some people claim that the frequency of seizures decreased in their dogs and some say that it increased. So, nothing can be guaranteed.

Enhanced Appetite

Just as humans consume Kratom and end up developing appetite, in the same way, you can sometimes give it to your pets for this purpose. But most importantly, you must not make it a habit to feed it to your pet, or else in the long term, their appetite might decrease.

Energy Restorer

In the case of lethargy, Kratom has helped humans and pet owners claim that it delivers the same results in animals.

So, now you know the answer to your queries if you can use Kratom to relieve pain in the pets. Nothing is certain to say until plenty of research is conducted on the issue. What we shared above is majorly what pet owners have claimed. However, choosing premium Kratom for your pets and asking their experienced vet alongside your own individual research is something not to miss at all.