We have added a community forum (discussion board) to our website. Please feel free to post comments, questions or requests here. You will need to create an account to post.

Or you can directly support requests to our JIRA issue-tracking system, available here.
This tool requires user accounts, which can be created freely here.

Please read below for a short description of how we use JIRA:

JIRA is an issue-tracking system that allows us to record any/all issues related to the various subsystems of the SEASR project, and maintain a release schedule and release plan for past and future releases of the various subsystems. This allows us to enable a better collaboration experience between SEASR and its collaborators. The road map for the release schedule of each project hosted in JIRA can be accessed by clicking on the “Road Map” link available in the project’s context. There is a single project, called SEASR, that we use as the central hub for collecting any issues related to the SEASR project. When reporting issues, please be as detailed as possible so there’s no room for misinterpretation. If submitting bug reports, it would be ideal to include stack traces, screenshots, or any other information you think is relevant in helping us track the source of the error.

We would like our collaborators to use the community forum or JIRA as both an information gateway (to obtain the most up-to-date overview about what we’re currently working on, what’s planned for what release, etc.) and a contact point that allows the following interactions:

  • Comment on any existing issue in any project
  • Vote on any existing issue in any project
  • Report any problems/feature requests/improvement requests to us by clicking the “Create New Issue” link on the JIRA toolbar which is visible after you log in.

For more information regarding JIRA, please visit JIRA’s home.