On December 14th and 15th, SEASR team member Loretta Auvil (project co-PI) attended the MONK (Metadata Offers New Knowledge) All-Hands Meeting on the University of Maryland-College Park campus. Project cells presented reports of the past year’s accomplishments and challenges, and we shared our progress in building SEASR technologies and how they will support and enhance MONK. Among its other capabilities, SEASR has developed a workbench/dataflow environment written in Google Web Toolkit. We envision that MONK will “sit” on top of this environment as a user interface for working with data. On top of the MONK interface will be a portal for sharing results.

In ongoing discussions, the SEASR and MONK teams determined that quality of results, rather than speed, would take priority. The teams also theorized about how SEASR’s dataflow environment will operate with MONK’s datastore, existing workbench, and portal for sharing and allow for transparency (the publication and sharing of process dynamics that reveal methodological decisions to other developers, including compotent medtadata and flow parameterization).

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