Meandre 1.4.7 was released today, November 3, 2009. This is the last and most stable release in the 1.4 series before we move onto big changes for the 1.5 series. Version 1.4.7 has a few new features and numerous bug fixes and usability improvements.

As usual, the Download page now points to this stable release:

The raw artifacts are available at the SEASR repository:

Visible changes since 1.4.5 (Version 1.4.6 was an internal release):

* Meandre server can now load flows from the network and then be restarted and run offline.

* Improvements to the Meandre Administrative Interface for user accounts.

* Allow specification of the port when running a flow from the ZigZag console.

* Performance improvement on component installation by using MD5 checksums to check whether a particular resource already exist on the meandre server.

* When regenerating, downloading jar files is skipped if they already exist on the meandre server.

* Bug fixes.

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  1. Virtualizer Says:

    Does Meandre (or a reduced version) work on Google App Engine for small projects?

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